Know Why You Fear Traveling

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Fear Traveling

The fear of traveling is becoming widespread. Before, it was just the flying nervousness and the fear of plane crashes, but now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the term ‘travel anxiety’ has broadened its limits.

The extreme type of travel anxiety is known as hodophobia, which usually develops from a past negative traveling experience—the memory of your past results in an intensified physical and emotional stress response.

Not all travel-related fears are associated with flying. There are several other reasons why thinking about spending your vacation in a new city may seem scary and make you anxious. This blog talks about the five reasons that may stop you from traveling and how you can manage them.

So, let’s dig in!

  1. Getting Lost in a New City

One of the common fears while traveling is getting lost somewhere by yourself. You develop a ‘what if’ mindset, taking you away from reality. Many of you get excited about getting out of the hotel room and exploring the new city, but some may not even realize and accept that they get chills every time they think of leaving the hotel. This fear puts a block to your life and can be dangerous.

Not only do you miss out on the chances to have fun on your holiday, but you also waste money and become a scared skeptic. Don’t let this fear of getting lost grow inside you. Accept that if you’re solo, you may get lost, but despite that, you’re in control and can always find your way back. You can opt for a GPS device and keep a physical map with you to know where you are and where you’ve to be. Save your hotel number and other local emergency numbers on your phone. Even if these things fail, you can always consult the locals. People are kind and helpful but lookout for scammers.

  1. Running Out of Money

This comes from the fear of spending all your money on a trip because of unexpected expenses. Running out of money on your vacation is a nightmare. It’s one of the worst-case situations that you can encounter. It can be due to mismanaging your budget or an unforeseen emergency expense while abroad.

When you’re planning for a trip and devise a budget, always keep 25 percent extra money so that nothing can surprise you. Plan and research how much money you’ll spend on tips, meals, transport, hotels, fun activities, or maybe some shopping. Keep the emergency reserve hidden somewhere. By luck, if you don’t end up spending that amount, you’ll have money for your next trip.

  1. Fearing the Unknown

Among other fears of travel, there is often a feeling of despair about the future. Fear and uncertainty serve as stress agents. Fearful questions might creep into your head, you question your plans, and the fear of the unknown takes over your mind. Understandably, you feel this way, but what you do to control these feelings is what matters.

To get the most out of your vacation, thoroughly research the place you’re hoping to travel to. Over a million travel-related platforms are available to provide help. There are modern tools to help you plan your trip, discover the finest sites to visit, what to avoid, and the best spots to taste the local cuisine. Instead of being afraid, let travel help you healthily transform this fear. You never know—a well-planned trip can surprise and inspire you.

  1. Traveling Alone

Solo traveling is an exciting and inspiring experience, but many people are frightened to even think about it. Because when you’re alone, you don’t have anyone to rely on when you need help. While that is true, there’s always a solution. If no one’s ready to go with you, technology is your friend. You can stay in touch with your friends and family using the internet and cameras via Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Being alone on a trip is fun because you get to do what you want. You can sit in the mountains, write in your diary, roam around the city, listen to music, meet new people and explore places you’ve never seen before. All you need is to trust yourself. When you need help, ask around or get help from the internet. You might even make some new friends along the way.

  1. Having an Unwanted Experience

Maybe you don’t fear traveling, but you fear that something terrible will happen to you on your trip. Your brain makes you think of many unwanted circumstances that may occur. For example, New York’s Time Square is a great place to visit, and you’re excited about it, but what if it’s too crowded and you get pushed by someone? What if someone attacks you in haste?

This fear comes from anxiety. When you feel anxious, you don’t see the good things that may happen. If you can’t control your spiraling thoughts, focus on why you’re having these thoughts and try to break down your own fears by learning more about them.

The Conclusion

Don’t let fear influence your mind to stop you from doing what you desire. Fear of traveling can take many forms, and we hope our answers to every problem will help you out in your following travel plans. There are millions of beautiful destinations waiting for you to discover and unveil them. Travel in your life to the fullest!

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